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We offer fabrics ranging from Ribbon to Premium Bridal Satin. Please choose which fabric is right for you below

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Sash Pin sashPinSASHPIN_NONE Standard Velcro Free
Sash Pin sashPinSASHPIN_10989 Ab rhinestone pin $5
Sash Pin sashPinSASHPIN_15889 Small pin $5
Sash Pin sashPinSASHPIN_14667 Rhinestone and pearl $5
Sash Pin sashPinSASHPIN_16125 Large 3 tip Crown $10
Sash Pin sashPinSASHPIN_16124 Large Rhinestone Crown $10
Sash Pin sashPinSASHPIN_STARDE 5 point Rhinestone Crown $10
Sash Pin sashPinSASHPIN_WISH1 5 point Rhinestone Crown $10

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