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LadyBug Customer Service

Do you have questions regarding LadyBug Designers, the LadyBug Sash or any of our services? You've come to the right place!

Send us a quick message

If you have a concern then this is the guaranteed fastest way we offer to receive a response to your question or concern from a caring LadyBug representative!

Why Calling us is the slowest option

We have a small number of employees to keep costs low and therefore unfortunately we most likely will not hear the phone ring or will not be able to answer immediately as our embroidery and sewing machines can be very loud. The equipment runs almost all day (We actually wear big headphones to keep the noise down. Fear not! Using the above method to contact us will guarantee a quick response from us.

For Emergencies

If there is an emergency you can call us at (919)749-5617 during our normal business hours however please understand that although we will always give our best effort, we may not be able to answer your call immediately. Please leave as detailed message as possible and we will contact you shortly.