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Home of the LadyBug Sash

The LadyBug Sash

The LadyBug Sash is a staple for pageants world wide. With options from Bridal Satin to Ribbon we can create your perfect Sash for any budget.

Use our Sash Designer to create your own LadyBug Sash today!

LadyBug Embroidery

Our specialists can embroider your logo and lettering in any font and color. Jackets, shirts, blankets and hats are most popular but we've embroidered on everything from car covers to horse blankets.

If you have a special item you'd like to have embroidered, stop by the LadyBug Designers Store and let us know.

Our Partners

We have many partners that are proud to show their LadyBug Sashes. From small groups to large groups, we can fulfill your needs.

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LadyBug Vinyl

We offer a complete selection of Vinyl colors as well as Sparkling, Metallic and Glo-in-the-Dark Vinyl. Choose Vinyl lettering on your LadyBug Sash and your letters will really pop!

We can vectorize your custom logo for use on glass, metal, cloth and more. Come by the LadyBug Designers Store for a consultation and to see the possibilities.

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